Moments of change.

No one saw it coming. COVID-19 has brought a new order to economics, geopolitics and society. In an age of individualism, how we work, live and communicate has changed.

Moments of challenge and change trigger new possibilities for business to drive the conversation in new and meaningful ways to demonstrate their value to society at large.

Summit Communication is helping you on two crucial fronts.

The first is to be part of the conversation in these moments. And, as it happens. Relevant response builds reputations from trust with clients, potential clients, investors, employees and the media.

The second is helping you reach your goals in this ‘new different’ by growing your platform, so people choose to invest time with your company. Platform growth – whether in the form of an authoritative whitepaper, documentary film or published book – gives depth to your marketing and PR that follows.

It’s right for what’s in front of you now – and what’s likely to come next.

You talk. We listen. Our role begins in pursuit of an ambitious opportunity or in response to a threat to your reputation. We help our clients shape a story worth telling, which in turn enables them to play their role in society more successfully.

And we do this for leadership teams of many types, of organisations across all sectors, to trigger moments of change.

Aim higher.


PR and marketing work best when the aim is set high.

Higher than competitors would dare. This doesn’t come from the incremental improvement mentality of the HR office. It comes from the visionary CEO, Founder, CMO or unified leadership team.

Inside every brand and company there lurks a story. It doesn’t need to be invented – just revealed. And once revealed, given shape and released, it can be a gamechanger. If you are ready to aim higher, we can connect the dots in ways others can’t.

Summit Communication can help influence your public perception, develop your support networks and grow your business. Sometimes the status quo invites revolution for a disruptor to emerge and reinvent a whole category, market or political vista.

Together, we can:

  • Raise your influence and reach
  • Give your brand incredible depth
  • Build a foundation for stakeholder trust
  • Navigate and respond to current events of COVID-19
  • Engage new audiences and connect with them at scale
  • Prevent or manage a critical issue, crisis or reputation problem
  • Elevate your PR to challenge assumptions and influence public opinion.


Public relations, communications and marketing that challenge assumptions and engage people to think differently.


Principles & Culture.

Our quality of life is governed by the quality of our communication.

Creating communications for clients to follow – or be followed – by meaningful actions inspire trust for their businesses. We believe skilful communicators are the most dangerous and useful people in society – someone with the aptitude to research in pursuit of truth, articulate ideas persuasively, and write to move audience minds.

Summit Communication was established to be a home to such creators, we are proud to call them our people.


We strive to have a meaningful impact for our clients’ benefit. This is the foundation of trust on which our long-term relationships can be developed. Our experience validates that if we exceed clients’ expectations, our own success will follow

Start the conversation.